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Check out our NEW 60ml plastic bottles! Bargain Priced!  


 120ml Bottles are ready for ordering and will ship within 48 hours!!! (Monday thru Thursday) Orders placed Friday thru Sunday will be processed the following Monday. Remember all 120ml bottles are mixed to order. No stale juice sitting on the shelf. 


There are changes that had to be made per the FDA. I don't like them anymore then you do. It cost me money to implement the new age verification that you have to through during check out. 


You have to have an SMS (Text message) capable cell phone for this to work. Right now it is the only FDA compliant app for this platform and many of the other popular web commerce platform. 

Trust me, if folks are NOT doing this and they are shipping from or to the USA, they are breaking a Federal Law. This goes for the brick and mortar shops and convenience stores too! They are required to verify your age  at every visit. Even if you are a repeat customer.

Do I want to keep vape out of the hands of kids and those under 18? YES, I DO. Do I think we need this much intrusion into our privacy? HELL NO! 

The FDA continues to ignore facts, test results, and expert testimony! They would rather you inhale tar and carcinogens in cigarettes then 0 of each in vape. 

I have already had some customers refuse to use the age verification. I can't force anyone to use it. However, if many folks feel the same way, I will be forced to just shut the site down. I only have about a dozen regular / repeat customers at this point. If I lose 1/3 or 1/2 of them is it really worth it? I just don't know. 

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